Step 2:Preparing and attempting Exams

Part 2 of the series :A Guide to study Abroad

Preparing and attempting GRE &TOEFL/IELTS 

Once you’re done with acquiring information about minimum requirements and deadlines,decide on necessity of coaching.Some may need it, some may not.Whatever the case,work hard to achieve your goals.

#Note: GRE Score is not everything but it’s a deciding factor in your admission

Preparing for two hours a day would suffice to get the good scores. You score makes you land in the reputed university.Your university gives you best education.Which in turn gives you a good job and/or an inspiration to pursue your research.

Whenever you feel vexed or enervated just remember how your future hinges on the efforts you put today.


GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination conducted by ETS(Education Testing Service).

It contains three sections:

  1. Verbal section
  2. Quantitative section
  3. Analytical writing

It is totally for 340 marks with each of verbal ad quant sections ranging from 130-170.And Analytical writing is scored on a scale on 0-6.

More detailed information about these sections can be found here.

Few tips on preparing for GRE:

  • While preparing quantitative write down every calculation on your scratch paper,so that you may not get lost in the calculations in your mind
  • Always write practice tests in timed mode
  • Write as many practice tests as possible to make you familiar with the pattern and the standard of exam.
  • Make the best use of power prep tool you get with Official GRE guide.It almost reflects the score you get on the test day.


Reading Comprehension


Free GRE tests


TOEFL stands for Test Of English as Foreign Language conducted by ETS(Education Testing Service).

It tests your ability of English in four sections viz.,Reading,Listening,Speaking,Writing.It is for 120 marks with each section ranging from 0-30.

One of the best free resources that is very helpful in preparing for TOEFL is NOTEFULL

Their video lectures are really helpful and they helped me to get a decent score of 102 with just 12 days preparation.

Free TOEFL Practice tests

TOEFL writing tips

Use the test prep tool you get with Official TOEFL guide wisely.Good score in speaking sections of TOEFL/IELTS may fetch you a teaching assistantship in your university.


IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System which assesses your English proficiency.

For more information click here

Free IELTS study material