Step 1:Planning for study abroad

Part 1 of the series :A Guide to study Abroad

So you’ve decided to study abroad.

Congratulations once again!!

Let’s look at the factors that contribute to your admission into your dream universities:

  1. Your dream(Most precisely ‘your statement of purpose‘ describing your dreams,abilities,skills and accomplishments)
  2. Your Undergrad percentage
  3. Your inclination towards research (Paper publications,projects)
  4. Your GRE & TOEFL/IELTS scores
  5. Your extra-curricular activities

(More or less in the same order)

Your Dream and why it matters?

Look at the following two instances:

Let’s say you’re in a new city.You went to a railway station and you don’t know the language.So,you asked the person next to you: “Sir,where this train leads to?” and if he answers “Nowhere in particular”.

Someone came to you and asked “What you want to do and to be in your future?” and you say “I don’t know.I never thought of it”

You see the connection between the two stories.A life without goal is like a sail without destination,it takes you nowhere. Take enough time to find out your interest that connects both your dreams and skills you’re bestowed with.Once you’re done with deciding, adhere firmly to it and plan your route to achieve it.

Why having a goal matters?

  • It makes and keeps your career and life focused
  • Helps you invest your energy and time in the most productive way
  • It teaches you to produce results you desire
  • It makes you unique and distinguishes you from others
  • It earns you respect (and of course money)

What to do in your Under graduation?

  • Find an area that piques your imagination in your respective streams of engineering
  • Work hard,really hard to keep up the grades

Unlock your full potential!!

You never know what you’re capable of until you witness it!!

Here’s an inspiration from QuoraSome short Inspirational message

  • Don’t just mug up,know what you’re learning and where it is leading.
  • Approach your faculty and seniors to guide you through the research in your favorite area
  • Publish a paper or two in national/international journals
  • A project/internship in the area of your interest

In the end your profile should reflect your favorite area,your journey towards that and your accomplishments.

A little research from your side

Take time to do enough research to find the universities you want to enter and the course you want to pursue.Go through the websites of universities.Learn about the courses it offers,research going on and the quality of the faculty.

Here are the few factors needed to be kept in mind while short listing the universities:

  • Quality of the courses it offers
  • Research going on in the respective departments
  • Reputation of the faculty
  • Reputation of the university
  • Job opportunities
  • Location of the university

Then find out the requirements of the each university viz., Minimum GPA,minimum GRE and TOEFL scores and deadlines for applications.

Here are some resources that help you in finalizing your colleges:

Step 2:Preparing and attempting GRE &TOEFL/IELTS

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