A Guide to MS in US

Ever lost in a crowd or a remote place whose language is completely alien to you? Ever longed for someone to come and help you find a way out? Similar would be the struggle of the student who is aspiring to study abroad,having almost none or may be few people in the proximity of his/her friend/family circle to guide through the process.Believe me it’s really,really hard to find the information you need all by yourself.

I’m just writing to help the students who’re struggling(like I did) to find information regarding MS in US, GRE preparation,resources and guides.These were the things which I think someone should have told me while I’m going that laborious and vexatious process. I’ve also included the sources that helped me get good scores in GRE&TOEFL.

First of all,


It takes a lot of courage for that decision of studying abroad

It’s never a simple decision leaving your parents,family and friends and flying abroad to pursue a dream.

Let’s divide your whole journey of admission in dream university into three parts:

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