One last Fight

And the moment has arrived.

C’mon Sam! Time’s up!! Let’s go!!” Death whispered to the old man fighting for life.

Not yet, not today“murmured the old soul, lying on his ICU bed.

Sam was informed that Michelle will be here by tomorrow.

This retired lieutenant now fighting hard for the moment to see her.

  An excerpt from his memory 


Three and half years little girl

with Blonde hair

And fluffy cheeks which turn pink while smiling

Next morning doctor opened the door bringing medication and test reports along with Michelle,Sam’s grand child.

She smiled till her cheeks turn pale while approaching his bed and jumped on to it.

A Contrast

He’s at the extreme end of life                                                 She’s at another end

He’s almost deprived of life                                            She’s full of life,up to brim

She took his hand into hers and kissed it. Words gushing out of her mouth like a lively river flow,directly into his heart.Old soul rejuvenated.

He finally won the fight and Death has to reschedule his appointment.


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