The Murder

Location:School Library


black dark red birds circles books magic sorcerer medieval candles black mage 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.animalhi.com_26

He opened the door,with the key in one hand and the knife in another.The door made a creaky sound.He chose to ignore it,so does the whole house.There was a lamp at the corner,blinking,as if it were feared and curious to see what’s going to happen in few minutes.As he is not new to the room,went directly to the table,without groping in the dark.Table is teemed with books.He can see it from the mixture of light from the corner lamp and the moon light(from the near by window).He lead his fingers for cordon search operation on the surface of table.Finally he succeeded.The book is large,difficult to hold with one hand.His shadow on the book shelves behind the table,magnified by the corner lamp light,resembled his cruelty and jealousy.He lifted up the knife,letting all his jealousy and cruelty concentrated on his hand,drove it harder into the core of book.Ink oozed out,like the water from spring and spread around the book.The life of the book,somebody’s imagination and thought,has slipped away from it.Still not satisfied,murderer tore the book into pieces and threw them in air,wearing a vile smile on his face.Some pieces drowned in the ink and rest fell near the table.With no sign of guilt,murderer sat on the chair and whispered to himself-“Now I’m the only one”.He remembered his childhood:playing around the chair while his teacher sat on it,reading something.


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