The book we feel shame to carry

With millions of copies being sold everyday,Bible still tops the list of best selling books over the world.But I wonder whether the proportionate amounts of lives are being transformed by it or not.Though it will surely attain a place in the book shelves of christian homes,it may not be the most often read.A man of God rightly said,

We Christians just know some Bible verses,we don’t know Bible” 

Some people worship it,some use it as a show-make on Sundays and some others feel it unfashionable to carry.

I wonder and worry why the book that transformed millions of lives couldn’t even make an impact on our loved ones.

The book that you feel shy to carry on the streets is the love letter written by your father to you.It contains the abundant love He has for you and guidelines for you to tread on this planet.People have lost lives while protecting it.People have willingly offered their lives to live for its principles.

The book that is dust laden and spider webbed on our book shelves is the one that is “God breathed and is useful for teaching,rebuking,correcting and training in righteousness[2Tim 3:16]”

In a world full of confusions and purposelessness it is the “light[Ps 119:105]” that leads you along the right path.It defines you and your purpose and prepares you for eternity.Someone has fairly quoted Bible as the ‘daily bread’.It’s a daily bread to the people who[know that they] are in desperate spiritual need.


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