Why God?? Why me? !!

He’s gone… leaving the remnants of the memories they spent together with her.


An event happened in the past that either makes a person nostalgic or traumatic 

They dreamt of a future together : earning their living,rising a family and growing older together. All those dreams were shattered by the catastrophe struck her life and there’s nothing now-absolutely nothing. Love,the sublimest of human emotions is now showing her painful and hurting part.

He’s her world. Now her world is lifeless and dried.Accident took his life away. It’s like the sharp single cut of the sword that bisected two intertwined souls and the pain of the estranged communication links is eating her away. She suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night just to find out that he’s not by her side. Tears will flow down her cheeks and dissolve in the darkness of the night.

 She’s now,alone and broken hearted,walking on the road in a foggy winter morning. She entered the park they used to meet and spend time as couple. All the memories they’ve spent together rolled back and forth in time as she sat on a bench under the tree. If all her pain and grief is personified and given an intellect,only question it would ask : Why me? Why should I suffer like this? If there is,really,a God why would he allow such pain? 

Watching from above,her husband is unable to bear the pain his beloved is experiencing. He decided to ask God whom he thinks is the cause of this pain. He wanted to drag God to the court of his own “justice” and file the charges of his death and her suffering. Irony is-one who cannot resist a minute temptation decided to judge the One who is just since eternity. 

He entered the courts of Almighty. God sitting on the throne in unapproachable light, angels singing “Holy!Holy!Holy!Holy is the Lord Almighty!” -a frightening view. He tried to speak something but words often travel till the lips and die there.Then he turned to  one of the elders there and asked him “Sir,look at my wife and her suffering. God is all powerful and can do anything and everything he pleases and He’s love,but why he allows his loved ones to suffer like that??”  

Elder looked at him,took a deep sigh and all his own life experiences came to memory in fraction of seconds. With a smile on his face he answered the youngster:

“Who told you that God can do anything?Can He allow evil and call it good? Can He go against the precepts he established and make Himself unreliable? No!!  You’re made in His image. He respects your ‘free will’. He cannot intervene in human affairs,even if you chose to do wrong,that makes Him disrespect and deprive you of your free will. But you are responsible for your acts and you’re going to be judged. However,God made a plan to establish a world where only righteousness lives in it. 

Yes you are right:God is love. Does loving a person always means giving them whatever they desire? Can we give our children whatever they ask of? Is it not the pain of discipline that made us lead a God-fearing and happy life? 

Son,God disciplines us and allows us to suffer so that we may be made fit for the purposes he had for us. God even allowed His own beloved son to suffer so that He may be made perfect to be fitting for the purpose he was called.[Heb 2:10 AMP] . Moses in wilderness,Joseph in Egypt endured suffering so that they may become useful instruments in the hands of the God. You being a husband cares for your wife this much,imagine how much more her heavenly Father loves and cares for her. His purpose of her suffering unfolds in its own time.So keep calm and place your faith in His works.”

Scar is not only the symbol of pain you’ve had but it’s also a symbol of patience you’ve shown while enduring it.

Then both departed,one with enlightened conscience and another with the satisfaction of realizing the purpose of suffering of his life on earth. Husband then fell to his knees and prayed for forgiveness and patience. Forgiveness for his rebellious heart and patience so that she can endure the pain and can see the purpose of that suffering. 



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