Questions to modern India


We’ve grown up listening to poems and stories that taught us the morals and ethics.Knowingly or unknowingly the gist of those stories is still in our nerves and veins.

Children of present generation are growing up listening to news about-molestation,child abuse,women trafficking,rapes and murders.

I wonder how one could learn distinguishing good from bad!!

From the media??

Media are the people who worry about the cleavage of a cinema star (& repeatedly broadcasting that picture to ease their worry) yet talk about women rights,women empowerment blah!blah!blah!!.Even in the case of a sexual abuse they never give time for victim and her family to come out of memories of hurting incident.Moments after the incident,a microphone labeled with their channel name should be kept before them and they should be bombarded with questions.The tears and cries of victim are to be live telecasted and they should fetch the viewership and ratings.I wonder where is the dignity here?!!.Ah!!there will be a special program for that inviting guests from various backgrounds for debate and yielding no useful conclusion.

The society??

Society hasn’t changed much since the British left India.A woman rescued from trafficking is welcomed with lust and fun from the society.No respect,no dignity.Her every move,every word is watched with a negative eye.With elders being with this motive what can the children learn from them.Why doesn’t our society understand that no woman born and brought up in Indian culture will enter such profession for mere physical pleasure.Poverty,the unofficial national symbol of our country is the sole reason for such people misery.Politicians and governors having illegal wives and illegitimate children are the modern role models and leaders of our country.

What can we learn from you,O modern India??


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