The real antidote..


My eye lids are too heavy for me to open.Cries of my one year old son increased in intensity. He finally succeed in waking me up from sleep. I looked out of the window. The whole city is sleeping.Rays of the sun are struggling to find their way into the world that is still asleep.I wonder how my son is so punctual in waking me up at the same time every day.He slept soon after he drank  milk.

His little chest raising and falling during sleep.His wide eyes that twinkle whenever he sees his mother.His pale pink skin turning red when someone hold him for a moment. His contagious smile showing his little teeth.These are the best moments of my life as a father.

A messenger came with a letter from King.The letter told-“Commander, Lucifer has declared war against our kingdom.Come soon&prepare the army “with the king’s inscription at the end. I sent the messenger away. Spent that whole day with my son and wife.Woke up early the next day and prepared the chariot. I kissed my son and wife and rode towards the capital.

Our kingdom is located on the west banks of river Jordan under the reign of king David. A wise and God fearing king,wise and sincere ministers, valiant and loyal warriors, loving and faithful citizens:blessings  from God.

Lucifer is an embodiment of lust for power.He’s cruel,arrogant, shrewd and now powerful.He concurred almost all the southern kingdoms and made their kings as his slaves. His eye is now on our kingdom. The primary sin  is his only dream. His life is to live his dream-To rise himself above the Creator.

We’ve assembled in the temple of the Lord. “Shall we go against him?” Chief priest inquired the Lord.Yescame the response. “Will you give him into our hands?” King David inquired.”Yes I willanswered the Lord almighty. “Jonathan! Prepare the army” King ordered me.He expressed his desire to come to battle. We all requested him stay considering his age and health. He agreed after negotiating a whole day.

Battle began. For the first six days we lost more soldiers than our opponents.Most of our commanders are wounded seriously. We see no signs of victory. Slowly the faith in God is ebbing out of us.Chief priest sent a message to me.”Commander I had a vision last night. I see the vultures eating the corps of the Lucifer and his army. Commander take courage God is going to deliver them into your hands.”This letter brought back the faith.We went into the battle next day placing our faith in God. We killed more opponents this day than we killed in past six days. I drove my chariot near the Lucifer’s.He’s such a strong man that he did not get  tired of fighting for the whole day. It is only after the day he got a bit tired.I finally drew my sword and drove into his stomach and he fell to ground.

Dust rose from the ground by the thrust produced by his body. We won the battle. A poisoned arrow from nowhere hit my back. I fell to ground with my face making a hard impact with it. I could feel the life ebbing out of my body.I am unable to open my eyes. All I could hear is the sound of the swords. I just had one desire right now. To see the smile of my little son.

Doctors came. They tried to identify the poison to the give antidote. It took them a whole half day to give me an antidote. I was seriously injured. A squadron of soldiers stayed with me and I sent the rest to the kingdom to report the victory. I stayed in the bed for many days. I could hear the whispers of the soldiers sat by my side. “Can he live?”. I was surrounded by the fear when I heard such talks. I fear that I may die without seeing my son. The strong desire to see him cured me.I recovered in two months. But half cured and half patient-side effects of antidote. We started our journey back to the capital. Due to the winter we stayed for 6 months in a village nearby.

I presented myself before the king and took leave of him to meet my family. As I neared my house,I saw my wife holding my son to her bosom.The joy of seeing him lifted my spirits. My wife ran to meet me. My son jumped off her chest and cling to mine and called me “Father” showing his new teeth. I now feel the life being restored to me.Now I understood that this is the real antidote I need.


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