Show us the way!!

We all might have come across those lecturers who say– “Run!Run!!Life is a race!!” .This slogan is echoing more louder than ever as newer gen teachers are entering the teaching field. Every one teaches how to strive ‘hard’ and thus strain mybrain than doing it smart way.


Having had 14 to 15 years of educational experience we know very well how to run and how to ace our race. But no teacher care to show us the ‘path’. In saying path, I mean the thinking style that need to be adopted to realize our dreams.

We may write exams and get through them but at a point of time a question surface our mind-“Why am I doing this?” “Where is this coaching or training leading me to?” . A very few people of today’s teaching gen are capable of answering such questions.

My dear lecturers! In addition to defining something define its purpose too. Defining the purpose alters the view towards it.Teach us Why we are doing what we’re doing’ !! we know how to run!! “Show us the way 






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