A Letter from tomorrow’s citizen


We pitched our tents on the hill.Everyone  going to their beds. I sat near the camp fire, which is about to put off. In the light of Moon lit sky,nearby village and its fields are shining with golden tinge. The breeze from nearby fields brushing my face gently & evoking pleasant feelings.From the message brought by wind from long distance I could listen the whispers of my girl.

I walked to my tent and opened the book I bought in the bookstall this afternoon. As I was leafing through the pages I found a paper titled–

  Essay writing competition
Topic:Your dream India
Name: Rahul,9th standard’.

 “Someone told me that a pen is made at Rs.5
and sold at Rs.10.

I want them to sell around Rs.7 so that I could save some money to buy
a birthday gift for my sister.
I want good roads (like we see in movies) to ride my bicycle handsfree.
I wish Vijay,our housemaid’s son could come to school with me.
I want to have teachers who would not scold me for asking’why Pythagoras theorem’.
I don’t want Police security for every festival in our village ’cause it scares me.
I don’t want to see my dad’s head bleeding during religious riots.
I don’t want to see someone slicing the hand of my friend for wearing a watch just for the
reason that he’s of lower caste.
And I want to see my sister going to college happily and coming back without tears in
her eyes.”

Reading those two final lines I couldn’t control tears rolling down my eyes.This is real India,with all her imperfections.


I wish this dream to be realized.I really want to be a part of this child’s dream.What about you??


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