Ultimate perfection!!

The only human tread on this planet who lived exactly according to the purpose of the God  is Christ Jesus

His life on earth is the perfect demonstration of obedience towards God.Bible says even though He is son,He learned obedience through suffering.(Heb 5:8)

One such example is portrayed in the John 11th chapter.

Here is Lazarus,the one whom Jesus loved,is about to die due to sickness.Even though He has the power to heal Jesus stayed where He was even after hearing the news about Lazarus’s sickness.

Even though His love provokes Him to act i.e.,to go and heal,He just obeyed the Father.For the moment,people around Him might think that He does not really love Lazarus and faith of the family at Bethany may be affected.

But having known the ultimate purpose that is to be fulfilled through the death and resurrection of Lazarus,Jesus stayed where He was.The purpose that is to be fulfilled is God has to glorified through this incident and Jesus is to be proved that He is the One to come and save this world.Lazarus is the key element in bringing glory to God in this incident.


The purpose that the God has determined and ultimate obedience of the Jesus blended to witness this fascinating miracle that is unparalleled in the history of mankind.Because Jesus raised Lazarus after four days of his cremation.

Jesus placed His faith in God and with reverent submission He performed this marvelous miracles.

Jesus demonstrated for us how to live on this earth a life that brings glory to God.

Let’s follow his footsteps.








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