An evening walk

Danny grabbed my hand and lead me into the garden.He would do that only when he wanted to find answers for some questions and doubts running in his mind.It’s been his style of expressing that he wanted to be alone with me. Some of his questions are difficult to answer.Sometimes difficulty is in explaining the answers to him stepping down to his age of 16.Sometimes I would have no answers for the very questions he posed.I wonder sometimes this is why Jesus said “Father,You’ve hidden these things from wise and revealed it to children”.Some of his questions are not even pondered by the theologians because we some how accustomed to accept some issues as they are.prayer

We were walking through the garden silently.Danny broke the silence and spoke ‘Sunny,I’ve got some questions regarding your lesson today:Prayer’.I always welcomed my Sunday school children to widen their minds.I always urge them to be like the disciples from Berea who examined the scriptures to confirm the teachings of Paul and Silas.

‘Sunny,why we need to pray?’ – asked my favorite student.I took a deep breath in order gain some energy to answer this question.

‘Do you remember of the lesson I told you about the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden?’

He nodded.We’re not created to be omnipotent.’ I continued -‘We were designed to turn to God and cry out for Him whenever we’re in need.Whenever man was confronted by a temptation or problem he needs to turn out to God that is what we call Prayer.In the parenthesis of temptation of satan to eat the fruit and the fall of man succumbing to that temptation,there is a help line facility called ‘prayer’ for man.He might have ignored or denied it and was given into temptation.That is necessity to pray before sin came into the world.Well,you know the necessity to pray after the Fall’.His eyes said that he is satisfied with the answer.

He then asked – ‘God knows our heart. why then we need to pray? why not God satisfy our heart desires and sanction our needs all by Himself before we ask?why we need to ask??’ 

I then smiled and memories from my past flashed into my mind.I asked same question to my Father when I was of Danny’s age.

‘Danny,just observe the question you’ve asked.It contains some hidden objectives.You want God to provide whatever you desire and just think of the catastrophe it’ll evoke in the world of culprits,murderers.” Danny leapt into thinking and I continued ‘After the fall of man,we became gods dictating good and evil.The motive behind this question is we want to play god dictating the One who really is the God’

He looked satisfied with the answers.We both walked towards the end of the garden and sat by the lakeside and watched the Sun went down the horizon…


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