The Prophet from Ramah

This prophet is a peculiar one in the history of Israel.He has the privilege of anointing the first and best king of Israel.He is the first-born son of Elkanah and Hannah.He is Samuel.

I’d like to present two characteristics from the life of this man of God,whom the God has chosen to deliver His people of Israel from the hands of Philistines.

I love the very opening lines about Samuel about what he did when he was a kid of 2 or 3 years.When his mother presented him to the God ‘He worshiped the God there’ (1 Sam 1:28).Worshiping God at such a younger age is always a fascinating act and its credit should be ascribed to the women from Ramah,Hannah.

First character I’d like to present is the acceptance of his calling.He left his father and mother and served at the temple of God at age below 5 yrs.If he were to live today our modern society would have suggested him to lodge a complaint on his parents.But see how his obedience and his mother’s teaching has blended  a beautiful purpose that God has designed.

Second character from this man’s life is his service.While the sons of Eli were went to defaming and blaspheming God,Samuel was serving in the temple and was growing up in the favor of both men and God.His serving heart is clearly portrayed in the 3rd chapter of 1 Samuel. When God called Samuel 3 times he went to Eli and inquired if he could help him with no hesitation and irritation.Samuel got the vision from God,which is a rarity in Israel community(in those times),at a very young age.

Let us follow the foot steps of this great man of God.



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