Is this called Education??

“Juveniles molesting the women”

“Youngsters forgetting cultures and traditions”

These were the trending issues in a country where almost 60 – 70% of population are youngsters.

Why the land which taught culture to its neighboring countries is unable to teach her descendants??

Have you ever observed how the princes of ancient India are trained?? They were trained in Archery,Horse riding,Vedas.In a word they will have all round development.Today’s Indian education have deviated from this concept of all round development.Education is being commercialized.“IIT foundation from class 1”. This is the advertisement of a school.I do nor understand how it would be?? Could there be some mystical methods or shortcuts of addition,subtraction,multiplication and division?? Do 1+1 becomes 4 in IIT ?? To my amusement parents will flood to such schools and admit their kids.

The subjects like English,Hindi and Telugu which are meant for aiding a kid to express himself/herself are termed in corporate schools as “Scoring subjects” .These subjects consists of lessons that nurture a kid with moral values and language skills.There were renounced in schooling.Where else can a kid learn moral values???? You teach nothing about working together in schools and intermediate college.You want a student to have good communication skills,good English and he should be having an ability to work with groups.How can you bend a tree when you neglect it when it is a plant??!!

Having no one to teach them what is right and wrong they get influenced by society and movies. Mr.Sarath babu,a veteran film actor once told in an interview “We exaggerate the incidents that are happening in the society”.If movies show that beating some elders and flirting is OK how can you expect the younger minds to be calm and good??

Let’s get back to old value of All round development!!


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