India 2020

India is making all the efforts to push herself to enter the hall of ‘Developed countries’.It’s always a proud issue for me as an Indian to see my country topping the list.Industrially,economically,technically India is racing towards her goal.

We Indians are preoccupied with the ever-increasing urge for developed society and we’re too busy to notice that one of the pillars that have built our society is collapsing:the pillar called family.

Recently I’ve heard two heart breaking stories from my best friends about their families.Both are similar in the aspect that their parents are not living closer any more.They’re often having fights and some leave home for days after quarrels.Growing up as a youngster of 20 or 21 yrs witnessing these family wrecks will always have a negative impact on young tender hearts.Why the land of family relations & intense emotions have reached this deplorable state?

Even the people from countries like America,England,Australia visit India and adore our traditions and some even get married in our traditions.What happened to us,the people of this great land?

In the process of becoming a better economy like America we began to imitate them in every aspect.First economical ideas are adopted,soon changed the dressing styles&homes.Luxury entered.Finally we’re trying to be individualistic. The ideas of esteeming oneself and prioritizing individuals rather than groups have initiated the collapse of the families.Its been injected through movies and media.Today in India,finding a joint family is nearly a fact of wonder.Small family culture is at the stake of extinction.There’s a famous adage-‘Two are better than one’.When confronted by an enemy we’re helpless as individuals but collectively we can attack them.Collective work will lead to a better success.If individuals are heading towards their own goals how could an economy be strengthened?If each bull of the cart is moving in its own direction how can the cart move?

Everything starts as a little thought that makes us or destroys us.Just be the best critique of yourself.Take courage to change yourself.More than’I’,’we’ is important. Hoping a better India



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