I came of SBI after depositing the money.

As I was taking out my bike,a young girl of about 5 yrs came and asked me to help her in crossing the road.

In the midst of the cacophony of traffic I couldn’t understand what she said.

Because of her attire and way of asking I thought she were a beggar girl and in an arrogant tone-“what?”-I asked

She replied in a gentle tone ‘Anna can you help me in crossing the road’

I felt ashamed by the prejudice I held of her.

I took her little soft hands into mine and helping her crossover to  other side of the road.

While crossing her the road,voices from heart asked me -“Are you the one who speaks of loving??”

“Are you the one who exhorts to follow the principle that “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

I hung my neck in shame,thinking of to correct myself.


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