Where could be …

Where could be “She”?

I was flooded with the memories of her. I began to question myself: Why did she leave me? Where could she go??

Standing amidst these unanswered questions I have been switching from one memory to another memory of her. Finally I reached the moment when I met her firstImage.

At the moment I born I saw her with all her splendor and beauty in the eyes of my mom. She became my acquaintance as I crawled on my legs n played in the dirt. I saw her again at the hand of my father while he was teaching me to walk. As I went to school she was there,in everyone of my friends. In my high school her appearances extended into the every change in nature. I could sense her in nature. She sat elegantly in the nature’s lap. As I grew up she has grown up-unlimited, abundant &immeasurable.

In the beginning of my teens I found that she took the shape of every unpleasant thing that an youngster could think of. I began to acquaint & enjoy the modified image of her. But it didn’t go that way too long. The way I’ve programmed as a human in the sight of my creator began to deny such kind of things. At that time my creator stretched out His hand of help. He took me off the wrong track n placed me in the right path. It’s the new dawn of understanding of her. Then I grasped the real gist of her.

As time goes on I moved to my college. She was with me for a while. I enjoyed her presence & fragrance. As my knowledge of feelings n emotions has expanded I began to experiment with her. I tried to have her presence in every thought of mine.

In this course of experimenting, a bizarre thing happened. In a usual fashion I stepped into my college gates with a hope that she would be with me. But she had already left me. My eyes searched her, she’s not there. I tried to sense her in the nature she is not there.I tried to enjoy her fragrance she is not there. Where is she?? Why did she leave me?? Where could she go??

Her name is “Happiness”. Have you seen her??

Later I searched for her at the places where we both walked alone. Upch! I could find no trace of her. She left me, that’s all. Chaos & disappointment became my friends. My heart broke as I lost her. I don’t know why I’m searching for her…

The one who created me shone His mercy over me. He taught me “Son! Happiness always depends on happenings. But the Joy I give,will springs out of your heart and lasts ever.”Image

As I walked through the path of my life I learned that: “When God is at the centre of your heart even the trace of darkness cannot touch you. It is the moment that you move Him to suburbs you become a prey for chaos n disappointment. ‘Cause He is the creator n everything will be in peace with Him”

It’s a story of my life. The story of the experiences in my life…



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