Who are they??

It’s just another day of its own kind. I found myself standing by the side of my window and staring through its glass, the world full of sorrow laden Homo sapiens.

“People racing for raging wind, children crying out of starvation, the so called “high class” leaving their parents over the footpaths without gratitude, people deceiving those who trusted them, people living for satisfying their own selves, people whose wages cannot meet their daily bread, people who doesn’t even have the shelter to stay, people selling themselves for feeding their stomach, people who are not brave enough to continue their lives. Who are they??

Those eyes expecting the feeding hands, those tear laden eyes awaiting a wiping hand, those lonely lives waiting for a loving hug. Who are they??

Aren’t they my brethren??Aren’t we the descendents of same genetical seed??

The greatest Lover of mankind ever lived said “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

“Those” people need neither the charitable trusts nor the handsome amounts of money.

All they want is a helping hand to feed them, a loving hand to wipe their tears and a caring hug which can be their shelter. As the holiest of all books says “let us not love with words or speech but with actions”.


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